Unexplained Infertility Bingo Card

  • borderline high FSH
  • luteal phase defect
  • some endometriosis
  • possible adenomyosis (can’t properly diagnose this without a hysterectomy!)
  • fibroids (but not in places where it should make a difference!)
  • low iron count
  • painful bladder syndrome
  • borderline low thyroid function

4 thoughts on “Unexplained Infertility Bingo Card

  1. Hi there. I notice that you included ‘painful bladder syndrome’ on your list…what is this exactly? I do sometimes have a painful bladder and always wonder if it’s related to fertility in any way.


    1. Hi, it’s a condition which is also called interstitial cystitis. Basically the bladder becomes inflamed and the lining gets scarred. It’s very painful and is like a cystitis attack but there’s no infection. I find that sex sets it off, which is not at all helpful when TTC. Also I get painful bladder when my period is due. You might find this website useful for more info:

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        1. When I have a mild attack, I find that antihistamine helps (just take hayfever pills) and as counter intuitive as it feels, drinking huge quantities of water so that my bladder gets really full (and then peeing a lot, obviously!) If it gets very bad I see my urologist for a bladder stretch but (touch wood) I’ve not had to do that for a couple of years now.

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